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Inability To End
Raw Green Rust
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September 16, 2022

Raw Green Rust are an improvising laptop trio that make abstract glitch-dub that draws on wide ranging musical interests.

Our schtick is very much about cultivating a degree of deliberate unpreparedness and being caught perpetually on the hop, or so we tell ourselves. A founding principle when we formed in 2008 was to try to make a virtue of the confusion of agency that collective laptop music can bring with playful use of technology. An important part of our playing is to constantly sample, transform and process each other in real-time, in pursuit of an organic, shifting sound mass. We embellish this basic approach with tools that, for instance, (mis)use machine listening to promote or disrupt our continual co-tuning in fluid and responsive ways.

Enforced separation underscored how much we take for granted our regular co-presence as an ongoing preparation for being unprepared. At the same time, though, there’s been a space to re-listen and imagine certain kinds of preparation that might push us towards exciting new mess. This recording weaves together stuff where we were together (an edited session from April 2019) with stuff built up and sequenced from fragments passed around in August 2020. Some of the 'live' bits might sound sequenced, and vice versa. Some of the joins will be quite obvious, others not so much.

Improvisations: Raw Green Rust Edits, Mix and Mastering: Owen Green

Design by Joe Gilmore

Digital Tracklist

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