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June 3, 2022

Three placeholders sitting in a room between empty spaces.” This is how the network music ensemble [ _ _ _ ] describes itself. It was founded in 2020 by the artists Li Song, Shuoxin Tan and Jia Liu, to compose music for networks and research collaborative algorithms.

The first track is an alternative live recording from their research project “Der dritte Körper” in St. Michael’s Church in Cologne. In this recording, Shuoxin moves through the room with a binaural microphone in an auditory choreography and interplays with two small loudspeakers suspended from the 12-meter-high bell tower with thin wires. The sound, coming through the network, was live coded by Song in London and Jia in Karlsruhe. This project was supported by Initiative Freie Musik Köln. Der dritte Körper:

The second track is a recording of a live concert at Cafe OTO, London. In this performance, they played with their collections of binaural field recordings from transportation systems in Cologne, London and Karlsruhe. The acoustic spaces of these different networks are intertwined with synthesized sound through the ensemble’s algorithmic collaboration. This project is supported by Musikfonds, Germany.

Shuoxin Tan was born in Beijing and works as a composer and sound artist in Cologne. She researches algorithmic acoustics, sound topology and mathematical formalisation. Jia Liu is a composer and computer music performer. She lives in Karlsruhe and is currently working on algorithmic music and composition for autonomous systems. Li Song is a musician and software developer based in London. He composes music for computers and acoustic instruments.

Concept, algorithm development, composition, performance - Shuoxin Tan, Jia Liu and Li Song
Track 1 recorded by Shuoxin Tan
Track 2 recorded live in concert by Shaun Crook
Mastered by Roc Jiménez de Cisneros
Thanks to Partrick Bogeat, Julian Rohrhuber and Dietmar Saxler

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