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February 25, 2022

Alberto Boccardi: Electronics, Synthesizers
Antonio Bertoni: Double bass, Electronics, Mellotron
Paolo Mongardi: Drums, Percussion

Cinzia De Lorenzi: Vocals on gala~εἶς
Roberta Pagani: Spoken words on gala~δύο, and β persei

Recorded at Standards (Milano, Italy), mixed, and mastered at Loup (Mori, Italy) by Antonio Bertoni.

"Music is sometimes created to fill a space - to add sound and colour to an existing location. Then there’s music that seems to exist in places of it’s own creation, playing with the ambience of illusionary environments. This is such a music and it moves through these spaces, into other corners, other rooms with ease; takes you by the hand and leads you through an ambience, an atmosphere, to another, and then another. You find yourself in another room, through a wall or some secret portal without you realising you’ve moved at all. This is not my beautiful house. How did I get here? You are existing in a universe of detail, yet simultaneously eavesdropping on parallel worlds; dream-like recollections, faint projections of events yet lived; tensions resolve or transform. Small details jostle with swathes of noise, musique concrète, poignant melodies, harmonies and supple rhythms emerge and move you toward new locations. This music isn’t ambient music. It’s illusive.. atmospheric but active, detailed, …seductive…orchestral. Sometimes it leaves you breathless. It’s driving and subtle. It moves inexorably forward, simultaneously out, above and below. Immerse yourself - and expand. It’s a trip worth taking."

-Tony Buck

Design by Joe Gilmore

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 gala-eis 15:20
  2. 2 gala-dúo 6:39
  3. 3 α Cigni 7:19
  4. 4 β Persei 3:29
  5. 5 γ Crucis 9:12
--:-- --:--

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